January 24, 2015

With a new year comes new resolutions and ultimately a new section to our blog: What-to-Where girl of the month! Both Macha and I are blessed and surrounded by some wonderfully talented people who inspire us daily so this is a small section of our blog dedicated to them and their work. You will mostly find up and coming talents just like our January girl: Alicia Brion!!


A true natural beauty is the only way to describe the designer that is bringing timeless basics back with a fashion-forward twist. We are of course referring to brooches. Whoever said brooches couldn’t be sexy hasn’t come across the latest state of the art women silouhette brooches Alicia Brion Jewels has to offer.



Her story:

Having spent the majority of her young life in Antwerp, Alicia Brion was consistently exposed to the historic heart of the diamond industry. After moving to London for university where she completed a business management degree, she then acquired several degrees from the Gemological Institute of America, and formalized her passion for jewelry design. This gave her the confidence and technical knowledge to launch the brand ‘Alicia Brion’, focusing solely on fine brooches.


Her style:

Alicia signature style is the balance between casual femininity and classic formal elegance. Casual femininity involves a daily outfit of jeans (Zara, Seven) and shirts/ t-shirts (Rails and Vince) occasionally matched with a leather coat.



Beauty ritual:

The designer believes strongly and stands by the quote ‘Less is more’. In the morning she uses the Biotherm toning mousse to clean her skin and then followed by the Oil free moisturizing day cream by Nivea. In wintertime, the usage of Blush (Guerlain) is often used and the most necessary product is Labello lipstick. A woman should harness and highlight her natural beauty wherever possible.


Favourite hangouts:

Alicia lives with her boyfriend in South Kensington and they prefer being home. A lovely dinner overlooking the gardens of their 1st floor lateral flat beats any restaurant in town. However, having lived in London for five years, Alicia developed her routine and favorite spots in town:

Breakfast: Aubaine and Poilane in South Kensington

Lunch: Chucs (Italian), Grace (Member club)

Dinner: Rextail (Russian), Zuma (Japanese), Yoobi (Japanese), Lucio (Italian).



Jewellery is one of the primary ways a woman can express herself creatively. It is very hard these days to find high quality unique fine jewels that are reasonably priced and beautifully different. All too often you see 2 very different girls wearing 2 very similar pieces of jewelry. The only sector that had not been truly explored recently was fine brooches. The intention for her inaugural collection was to find a balance between classic sophistication and provocation, which is an original approach for any jewels especially fine brooches. These unique and particularly daring designs have the deliberate intention of inspiring younger generations to appreciate the infinite versatility and potential of brooches. Alicia wants to encourage women to be in touch with their femininity whilst remaining in touch with quality, elegance, and style.





Asked Santa for:

Alicia asked for this silhouette in sapphire.

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