August 15, 2017


Beach holiday season is upon us! So why not take the pain out of packing with our ultimate beach suncare essentials guide, created to make you look good whilst remaining protected from the sun.


Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin, hair, and eyes their color. It also provides a natural protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays which is why it is important to boost it before going away. It is important to remember that melanin does not provide complete protection and it is still vital, nonetheless to wear sunscreen.

Boosting your vitamin intake can help increase and maintain the number of melanocytes in the skin, which is why we recommend upping your vitamin A intake in line with the Dietary Reference intake. Make sure to consult with your GP before taking supplements.



Clarins Sun Wrinkle control cream for the face 50+ is the perfect cream for people with normal to dry skin. I was first attracted to it for its packaging and broad spectrum sun protection. The cream in itself is high in SPF but not heavy on the skin making it versatile for both beach days and everyday use. The texture spreads easily but leaves a little shine behind, perfect for those who like a nice dewy look. If you suffer excess skin irritation I would however seek a different alternative as the fragrance in this particular cream is quite strong.

Are you blessed with olive skin? If so, definitely try out Institut Esthederm’s Bronz repair strong sun. Its creamy texture stimulates the tanning process, prevents photo aging, and smoothes and firms the skin, helping to reduce fine dry skin lines and wrinkles. I am also a great fan of the scent.

Should your skin burn easily/ often or tan gradually, then Lancaster Velvet touch SPF 30 is the cream for you. The Sun beauty range provides extra broad-spectrum protection in a unique formula that targets 100% rays. Because believe it or not UVA &UVB only count for 10%, and the remaining 90% which contains visible light and infrared are often unaccounted for.




Do you often find yourself having to cater for the needs of your boyfriend as well as yours when choosing sun protection? If the answer is yes, then Clarins Sun Care Oil Free Lotion SPF 15 is the suncare for you. Designed for outdoor sport lovers, this unisex ultra-fine mist sun care spray shares the same benefits as an oil spray but without any oil. The water resistant spray, which is extremely to apply, absorbs into the skin instantly protecting you and your beau’s skin without the stickiness.

Now the next sunscreen I am going to recommend is my personal favourite but requires a leap of faith because unlike any other sun care brand, Institut Esthederm’s adaptasun range does not have that all-important SPF rating. Instead the Adapatsun range uses the sunlight positively protecting the skin from the outside by filtering UVA and UVB rays but also the inside enabling the skin’s ability to gradually adapt to the sun and protect itself. When using the Adaptasun range it is important you chose the the right strength for you. I tend to use the Bronze Repair Strong Sun which is suitable for normal to tolerant skin. What I love the most about this range aside from the safe tanning is that it creates a uniform tan which I often struggle getting. The proof that safety doesn’t always come in numbers.


If you are anything like me, you picture yourself strutting down the beach with Gisele Bundchen’s sunkissed tousled waves, but in reality end up tying your hair up into a topknot to prevent you looking like the girl from the ring. Truth is, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Like all things beauty prevention is key and hair is no different.  Like your body your scalp and hair can burn which is why applying sun protection is an absolute necessity. Excessive exposure to UV degrades the hair structure, leaving hair vulnerable to breakage and unwanted colour changes. We all have ‘that’ blonde friend whose hair turned brassy. The obvious and most common choice would be to wear a cool panama or floppy hat with your name embroidered in sequin, but other options do exist like SPF sprays and sun specific product ranges.  A personal favourite of mine is the Kerastase Soleil range, which contains SPF spray, shampoo and conditioner, designed to protect your colour and scalp as well as rehydrate post exposure. I think we can all agree burnt flaky scalps are never a good look.


  • Rinse your hair with fresh water after every swim
  • Avoid combining salt water sprays and heat appliances as they will dehydrate and damage your hair, instead try braids for a textured look.
  • Hydrate your scalp with a mask or conditioner like Kerastase Soleil Masque UV defense active.
  • For styling use Oribe Apres Beach wave, perfect to create natural looking unfussy waves.



It’s important to point out that dehydrated skin burns much easier that hydrated skin, hence why it is extremely important to drink loads of water and eat eat foods that will keep you hydrated such as melon or watermelon.



After prolonged sun exposure the skin can often feel tired and delicate so it’s important to gently cleanse without further damaging the skin. I recently discovered Institut Esthederm’s new micellar after sun shower gel and it works wonders on the skin, removing all traces of salt, chlorine and sand while moisturising and sublimating the skin. This sulfate and silicone free formula not only reinforces the skin barrier and boosts the skin surface it also acts as an anti-inflammatory making it perfect for everyday use.

Over did it slightly?  Don’t panic! We have just have uncovered the SOS sunburn remedy, Ren’s new Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae anti-fatigue bath oil. You’ll be thinking, why on earth would I want to take a warm bath with a sunburn? But unlike generic baths, this oil can be used to create a cool bath. Filled with a rich source of magnesium (best absorbed through the skin) and anti-oxidants, this oil is designed to restore, revitalise and re-energise the skin and body. Magnesium baths can have a sedating effect, but not Ren’s bath oil which will enable you to be proactive after the bath.  The algae extract of this oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory which will quickly calm your throbbing skin.

Regardless of whether you did it right or wrong you will need to rehydrate the skin using some after sun care.

For the face we suggest using Institut Esthederm’s repair après soleil cream. As It not only boasts healing and regenerating properties but it also contains firming agents and anti-wrinkle prevention properties making it a must have after each exposure.

For the body, try Lancaster’s after sun tan maximizer soothing moisturiser,as it  helps enhance melanin production. Even without exposure to the sun it helps to prolong and maximize your tan. And just in case you needed another reason to love it aside from the long lasting glow it gives you, its hydrating properties leave the skin feeling soft and flexible.



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