April 21, 2015

Bobbi Brown’s cosmetic cure for hangovers.

Even the best of us is not exempt from a glass too many, but how do we conceal the  consequences of our mistake the next day? We meet Ashley, Education Executive at Bobbi Brown cosmetics for the West End of London to get her step by step Guide on how to cover up the hangover.



1- Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

Use water based products as skin is dehydrated the morning after a night out.

Bobbi Brown hydrating gel cream (available here)

Bobbi Brown overnight cream (available here)

2-Prime skin with illuminating balm

This will energize the skin giving it radiance and a healthy glow.

Bobbi Brown extra illuminating balm ( available here)

3-Prep the under eye area 

Using your ring fingers massage a pea size amount of cream under your eyes.

Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream ( available here)

4-Correct & Conceal

Corrector should be used under concealer, it helps neutralize discoloration under the eye. Concealer on the other hand is used to brighten and enlighten.

Bobbi Brown corrector ( available here)

Bobbi Brown concealer ( available here)


Apply BB intensive skin serum foundation medium coverage with radiant finish.

Bobbi Brown intensive skin serum foundation ( available here)


To help us looking washed out after a night out.

Bobbi Brown bronzing powder ( available here)


Apply cream blusher on the apples of your cheek. It will give you a glowing finish as opposed to powdered.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful ll Pot Rouge (available here)


It is important to get a good strong and well defined brow to give definition to your look. We recommend powder over pencil as pencil can look quite harsh.

Bobbi Brown dark brow kit ( available here)

9- Eyes

Give yourself a fresh and bright eye base. It is important to cover the dark circles that are lingering from the night before. Add black gel liner to give definition to the lash line and finish with a couple of coats of smokey eye mascara.

Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick (available here)

Bobbi Brown black ink gel liner ( available here)

Bobbi Brown smokey eye mascara ( available here)


Apply some balm to hydrate your lips. Contour your lips with a neutral lip pencil then add some Bobbi Brown nude rose lipstick.

Bobbi Brown pink lip pencil ( available here)

Bobbi Brown pink rose lipstick ( available here)

Bobbi Brown 1

Bobbi Brown 1 Bobbi Brown 1 Bobbi Brown 1 Bobbi Brown 1 Bobbi Brown


Why did you chose to work in the beauty industry?
I never used to have that much of an interest in makeup, until I was 17. I got a job part time on the Clinique counter in my hometown Southport, and fell in love with it! I love making women feel prettier, and more confident. I feel lucky that my job enables me to do this on a daily basis.
What are your best beauty tips? 
WATER…and lots of it! I am not the best at living to this rule myself, but I know that when I do, my skin is radiant and glowing, along with brighter looking  eyes.
A good cleansing routine – in the UK a lot of women tend to think if they invest in a good moisturiser then they have a good skincare routine. Cleansing is by far the most important part, If we don’t cleanse correctly, nothing else you apply on top will work, no matter how fabulous your moisturiser may be.
 If you could do anyone’s make up, who would it be ?
My girl crush at the moment is Rosie Huntington Whitely, and would love to do makeup on her! She has a dream face for a makeup artist to get their hands on.
What is your daily skin care routine?
I am a skincare junkie so have lots of different steps, and products depending on the season.
Right now, my current routine is ..
AM – Bobbi brown hydrating face tonic followed by BB eye cream and face cream ( I use this as it has a built in makeup primer so is so much more practical).
PM – BB cleansing oil to remove makeup, followed with a foaming cleanser to ensure my skin is squeaky clean.
BB Hydrating face tonic, eye cream, and then I mix 2 drops of face oil into a BB intensive overnight cream to treat my skin whilst I sleep.
Do you always wear make-up? 
Working in the makeup industry for the past 9 years has meant having to constantly wear makeup for work, so I love nothing more than makeup free days!! Going to the park with a fresh face and allowing my skin to breathe.
What is the one product you don’t go anywhere without?
Under eye concealer!! It’s my most used product in my makeup bag. I feel as long as I wear this, it makes everything else look so much brighter and even.
If you had to buy some make up from the bargain box what would you get ? 
I am extremely lucky with working in this industry for so long, as it enables me to stock up on my luxury makeup and skincare items at a cheaper price, so haven’t had to purchase from the bargain box in a long time. But one product I do swear by which is such a great price, is Garnier summer body moisturiser in deep. It’s about £3.50 for a 400ml and works just as good as the more expensive ones. Love this!! I apply it every other day to keep up that golden glow throughout the cooler months.
And if you had to splash?
Clarins relax bath and shower concentrate. This is £20 for a 200ml. It is a bit OTT price wise for a shower gel, but I use a couple of drops in my bath after a long day and it definitely helps to relax you and set you up for a deep sleep.
What is the most common mistake girls make when putting their make up on? 
Applying too much foundation and being able to see it on the skin. Make sure you apply in daylight, as our dressing table lighting is a lot softer than natural light, therefore we end up applying far too much!
Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I will be assisting at the vogue fashion festival in association with Harrods next weekend where Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton ( the current face of Bobbi) will be appearing. I would love to see you all there, but if you can’t make it I will uploading pics to my Instagram so make sure to check it out on @Ashley_lgx!

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