November 21, 2016
Cactus de cartier

The Cactus de Cartier collection.

Cartier, the little red box which stands out from the rest, the fantasy of its solitaires, its panthers, Trinity and Tutti Frutti. The image of this French jeweller is engraved in our imagination as a symbol of the ultimate, precious luxury object, elegant and timeless, with which one dreams to mark the major, happy moments of our life.

Among the iconic lines and motifs of the brand, the jeweller early on drew his inspiration from the flora and fauna of the world of nature. Thus, flowers featured strongly as a theme from the creation of the House in the 19th Century, firstly presented in ornaments in a garland style, then fashioned in a more aesthetic way with three-dimensional bouquets of blooms such as orchids, wild roses, irises or daisies.

These delicate muses with their sensual curves create a completely different perspective, so much more adventurous, since Cartier enhances the softness of petals with the thorns of the cactus in an eponymous collection launched last July.

Seeking inspiration from these emblematic plants, particularly fashionable at present – the succulents – the jewellery company has made a thoughtful deviation from its traditional line. The transformation is no less brilliant, since precious domes have replaced the barbs and the flowers of the desert are as always elegantly portrayed. The sets of jewellery have an allure which is prickly yet gentle, geometric and sensual within their ingenious forms, while yellow gold evokes the searing heat of the sun.

‘Night Birds’ will embrace these flowery models, since it is at night that these blossoms open. Bracelets, earrings and rings in 18 carat gold are set with chryoprases and emeralds, punctuated with cornelians with a heart of diamond.


  1. Bracelet ‘Cactus de Cartier’, 228’000 Euros
  2. Earrings Cactus de Cartier, 60’000 Euros
  3. Ring Cactus de Cartier, 78’000 Euros


A different version of the plant with its first buds blooming is available in a half set (neckace and bracelet which are available separately) created with golden pearls from which buds of diamond and miniature emeralds bloom forth.


  1. Necklace and bracelet Cactus de Cartier, price on request

This geometric creation is also available in a special set with an even more architectural design where the form of the cactus is truly realistic, mounted with a blue flower of lapis lazuli as though plucked from an imaginary garden.


  1. Bracelet Cactus de Cartier, 74’500 Euros

The best known of the cactus family is represented in the daytime version of the collection. Rings, earrings and necklace formed of gold baubles in filigree, linked in a globe form to represent the shape of the plant. These are decorated with a flower, set with diamonds this time. More discreet, these pieces are no less unique a testimony to their daring design,the Diabolo ring is worn on two fingers.


  1. Ring Cactus de Cartier, 14’400 Euros
  2. Ring Cactus de Cartier, 20’400 Euros
  3. Ring Diabolo de Cartier, 17’400 Euros


Cartier has announced this collection as ‘liberty and insolence’ and is undeniably modern. It renews classic tradition with an ingenious motif, in opposition to the House’s historic use of the flower. The delicate fragility of an ephemeral flower, Cartier writes itself in the continued existence of the succulents known for their resistance. The cactus flower is not, at first sight, especially feminine and even less romantic. One tends to fear its beauty – looking but never touching. The effect has nevertheless, a certain sensuality in its roundness. In creating this line with its modern tendency, there is no doubt that it will attract independent women of the day to the pieces which will become part of Cartier’s timeless tradition.


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