May 26, 2017
decorate your children's bed room

Stylish tips and designers to know when you decorate your kids room.

When it comes to children’s fashion and decor, two scary things come to mind… Bright plastic toys and Disney motifs. Two things that, unfortunately, cannot be avoided in a modern kid’s world, but can thankfully be hidden away in cute baskets, boxes and furniture, to re-establish the visual calm.

There is always an excuse to change, upgrade and rearrange a child’s bedroom. No matter what your husband might say about sticking to the budget , there is always room  for new things: whether it’s  a new bed (because the current one is too small),  a Tipi (because they are trending on Instagram) or the latest fashionable toy (because otherwise our kid will never let us hear the end of it).

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a real brain teaser, so here are a few tips to get you on your way:

  • Identify your taste : Are you a minimalist, or do you prefer Scandi, vintage or retro? What is the style in the rest of your house? Try to stick to one theme, as you can easily get sidetracked  with a multitude of  styles, turning your home into a dreaded copy of Disneyland.
  • Choose a colour scheme and material: This could be wood, white and beige for example. The colour scheme could be what links everything together.
  • How to keep all the toys tidy and out of sight? If you do not have the direct number to Mary Poppins’s hotline, you will need baskets and furniture to hide away all your cherub’s toys. Especially when your friends come over, and particularly the ones without kids who will struggle to understand the nightmare you are in, living in between the Snow Queen and the hundreds of unidentified figurines. Prove to them it is possible to combine style and design with children, even if it won’t last longer than 5 minutes. You might just have enough time to capture the perfect  #motherhood Instagram picture.
  • Think long term: Create a room that your child can use in a few years time, unless you fancy repainting the walls every year. Wallpaper is a great way to create a canvas, but make sure to choose one you won’t get bored of in a year’s time. Invest in timeless quality furniture that will last a lifetime or at least long enough for child number 2.

5  great designers to know when you decorate your kids room:

  • Rose in April: French brand “Rose in April” has created these cute straw pom pom baskets that can hide away some of your kid’s toys.  Place them against the wall next to each other, and you won’t need Mary Poppins to come and help you clean up.
  • Lorena Canals:Designer and founder Lorena Canals is the guru of washable rugs. No matter how many times you tell your kids not to walk on the handmade rugs with shoes and eat chocolate on the rug, it will happen. These rugs from Lorena Canals are washable and come in beautiful colours and patterns – have a look at this Berber rug.
  • Numero 74 :French and Italian cousins Nancy and Popy are the creators of the Numero 74 universe. A brand that is famous for it’s artisanal bohemian vintage children’s decor. Just have a look at these beautiful bed canopies, which can turn any princess’s room into a fairyland. Add a few fairy lights, and your child will be ready to jump in bed in no time. Or at least that will be your argument for having purchased it. DECORATE YOUR KIDS ROOM
  • Mrs Mighetto : Swedish brand “Mrs Mighetto” creates prints, posters and wallpapers.  Each poster collection is a limited edition. Have a look at these dreamy posters from their new collection: « The end of the forest» that will make you consider wanting to put them in your own bedroom. Frame the posters in antic gold frames, mix and match with antics and new frames or go for a wooden frame as this one from Ferm living
  • Oliver furniture :Copenhagen based Oliver furniture creates timeless wooden furniture that is designed to last for generations with its high quality craftmanship, clean lines and contemporary design.




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