April 19, 2017
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« Au Naturel » eyebrows with Eleni from

Eyebrows emphasise the look, but above all bring character and harmony to the face. It has become the last beauty obsession and the techniques to tame or fill our arches don’t stop multiplying. With options such as permanent makeup, microblading and natural eyebrows, it’s hard to know what to choose. But most of the time, what mother nature has given us is what suits us best.


However, “au naturel” does not give you the right to neglect your eyebrows, on the contrary, it requires even more dedication, explains Eleni, the founder of eleni eyebrows; Eleni is one of those beauticians who specializes in only on one thing, proving that eyebrows really are her area of expertise. 40 years old, Australian, of Greek origin, the eyebrow queen with the bold eyebrows moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, 5 years ago, and fortunately for us, she brought with her, her expertise and some great products, which are nearly impossible to find in Switzerland. At the forefront of the eyebrow trend, Eleni answers our questions. Don’t hesitate to try Eleni’s eyebrow styling in the centre of Lausanne and Epalinges.



IMG_0078Eleni’s beauty spot, Théâtre de la coiffure, Rue Centrale 29


•Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to eyebrows?

My passion for eyebrow styling started over 20 years ago in high school where my own self-styled brows were popular amongst my class mates. This lead to me offering my brow styling services to my friends, soon leading to a line of girls in the school yard at lunch timeswaiting to have me work on their brows using my mother´s Tweezerman tweezers. I established my eyebrow styling simultaneously whilst taking on corporate roles for Qantas Airways and Vodafone, however a move to Lausanne in 2012 provided me with the ideal opportunity to turn my side hustle into a new career, and eleni eyebrows was launched in 2015.

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    Alexa Chung

    What is your eyebrow inspiration?

The client sitting in my chair will always remain my number one inspiration. Enhancing their natural beauty by focusing on respecting and nurturing their natural shape is always my top priority and drive. I really believe in the power of individuality when it comes to brow shaping and styling.


I guess there are trends in eyebrow shaping, are they influenced by celebrities or make up trend?

I’d say they are influenced by both, but make-up and model brow trends tend to be taking the lead right now.



  • What is the actual trend?
Instagram brow

Instagram brow @nikkitutorials

Currently, there is a mixture of trends. You have the more natural, full and fluffy trend that models are wearing these days, which is the trend I prefer. Great examples of this are models such as Alexander Chung, Bambi Northwood-Blythe, and of course Cara Delevigne. Ultimately, it’s important that it’s natural to the individual – boy brow bushy is not a look for everyone. Keep the natural shape you were born with full & fluffy, whether it’s thick or thin. And then there is also the “Instagram brow” trend which is an overly shaped, processed and made-up brow.

  • What do you think about eyebrow tattoo?

I think microblading is a great option for women who for various reasons cannot grow back their brow hair.Personally, I prefer to assist women on putting together a plan of action for growing back their own hair, as ultimately, this will be the most flattering and low-maintenance option for them.


  • What is the best way to remove hair? Threading, waxing or plucking?

When performed correctly, all these methods remove hair from the root. I use a mixture of a very gentle hot wax and tweezers.


  • How do you define the perfect shape? Start, arch and End? 

    eyebrow do and don'ts

    Bambi Northwood-Blythe

One that is most natural and unique to you, the client.Ultimately, it’s best not fight what nature has given you, but to work with it, nurture it, and let it be shaped into its greatest potential unique to you. For example, if your brows grow in a downward direction, I will always seek to shape and style the brow in a way completely tailored to enhance this downward growth, as trying to shape and groom it upwards will compromise it’s shape, size and appearance. Doing this maximises the client´s individual features. Not everyone has an arch. I don’t follow any golden ratios/formula or use stencils – everything is completely freehand and bespoke.


  • How do you fill them in? Pencil or Powder?

I prefer using a long wearing pencil, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz. This pencil allows for incredible precision with product placement. I am also known to often utilise 2 colours in order to add dimension to a clients brows to avoid them from looking too 2-dimensional/flat. My favourite brow product however is a good brow gel — transparent or tinted.

  • What is your ultimate eyebrow tip?

Don’t be afraid of your inner Frida Khalo! I definitely don’t recommend a mono-brow, but I *do* recommend that brows should meet closer above the nose. This changes the overall balance of the brow and in most cases make the nose appear more narrow too – win, win!

eyebrow do and don'ts

         Cara Delevingne

  • Is there any special products you could recommend to our readers?

High quality tweezers such as Tweezerman can make all the difference, castor oil to help foster brow growth & a brilliant brow gel.

  • What is the biggest eyebrow faux pas?

The classic over-tweezing (do not use a magnifying mirror to remove hair) creating an ultimately unnatural shape for the wearer. Eyebrows should always allow you to express yourself, rather than becoming the expression.

  • What is your favourite spot for lunch in Lausanne?

Sitting in front of my central Lausanne location, the urban Théâtre de la Coiffure hair salon on a sunny day, while watching the world go by.

  • What is you favorite make up look for a first date?

A light smokey eye, fresh glowy skin and always kissable lips.


1er rdv avec Eleni, le challenge est de recouvrir mon maquillage permanent. Affaire à suivre.

After my 1st appointment with Eleni.  The challenge is to cover my permanent make-up. Update to follow.


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