June 14, 2017

Discover our 2017 father’s day watch gift guide.

This father’s day thank your Dad for everything he has done for you by gifting him with something special. For the occasion we have pulled together a watch guide according to the type of man he is.

Here is our selection:

For the nostalgic dad : Omega Tribute

You grew up listening to Gainsbourg, he has a pronounced taste for Church shoes and on his bedside table you can find the latest copy of the classic driver. He is a vintage dad, whose favourite sentence starts with “back in the day” and has over the years passed on to you his love for classic brands. Behind the wheel of his Aston Martin DB5 (imaginary or not), it would make sense to see one of the Omega trilogy watches , launched earlier this year. To chose from are the Seamaster 300, the railmaster or the speedmaster, new editions of cult models from 1957, which are already generating a buzz among collectors.

For the doting father : Baume & Mercier Classima


Whilst most of your friends were greeted at the school gates by their mums, you were greeted by your dad who would never fail to show up holding your 4 o’clock snack.  This doting father, would make you peanut butter sarnies day in and day out, never miss a school play, and would later wait for you outside a night club at 3am to avoid you having to take a taxi home. You are the apple of his eye, he taught you everything you know and you owe him everything. To thank him for his devotion, he deserves the best, a Patek Philipe Nautilus or the Quadruple Tourbillon Secret by Greubel Forsey. If your budget doesn’t quite allow for those, the Baume & Mercier Classima will have just as much as an impact on him. For the past 187 years, Baume & Mercier have taken great pride in promoting family values and celebrating the precious moments in life through their collections.


For the adventurer dad: Victorinox I.N.O.X


Half way in between Mike Giver and Nicolas Vanier, this adventure greedy dad, roams the desert, climbs the Himalayan and sails the Atlantic. Even if he has not always been present for your birthdays, you have always forgiven him. Partly thanks to the fact you can boast to your friends about having a super hero dad who saves the wildlife in Alaska, with photographic evidence to support.  Traveling light and alone, means your dads only luxury will be his watch to remind him of the time he has left to accomplish his next exploit. What better way to say I love you than with the unbreakable Victorinox I.N.O.X. The must have timepiece for any adventurer!


For the jet setter : Cartier Calibre Diver


A paddle in the turquoise seas of the Bahamas, a cheese fondue on the terrace at Chez Vrony in Zermatt, a Martini on the Carlton Beach in Cannes, a game of poker on the deck of sailing yacht in the Balearic, these image capture perfectly your father’s lifestyle. Insatiable, he is everywhere. Your father travels the world and doesn’t miss an opportunity to share his trips with you via Facetime or Whatsapp. In fact, if he had a Instagram account, he’d most probably count more followers than you. He is enjoying his retirement with style, and who could hold it against him? In fact, as sign of your undeniable desire to one day be like him, you gift him a Cartier Calibre Diver. A way to remotely be part of his adventures. Launched in 2017, this elegant diving watch, accessorized with a rubber bracelet, will be extremely comfortable to wear during the day, on land or at sea, and will look equally as attractive worn at night with a blazer.


For the secret agent: Rolex air King


The collar of his shirts and his shoes are always immaculate. Nothing is coincidental, he is always impeccable and adapts to any circumstance. Cultured and gifted with an inate analytic mind, he knows everything before anyone else. Fatherly, mysterious and elegant he has your admiration as well as all of your friends’. For this secrent agent dad you will gift a Rolex Air King, a simple and robust three hand watch, created originally to honour pilots of the Royal air force. Equipped with a stopwatch function, this timepiece will ensure he is punctual on his future missions.


For the Gadget dad : Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45


He’s so advanced technologically that you often feel left behind. A blessing in disguise if you ask those of us whose father needs help connecting his emails to his Ipad on a weekly basis. Having a gadget dad has a lot of benefits but also comes with the one major inconvenience; he has everything! Thus making it extremely hard for anyone trying to buy him a gift. It is for that reason that we must think “smart”, and why not think smartwatch with Tag Heuer’s connected modular 45? The first 100% swiss made connected watch enabling you to go from a digital box to a mechanic module. A real gem of a gadget that offers daily benefits such as GPS and integrated microphone. Tag Heuer’s latest connected model having only recently been released, there’s a strong chance he’s not yet had a chance to add to his collection.


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