juillet 9, 2015
cheyenne tozzi - what to where

You probably recognise Cheyenne from the Australian TV show “The Face” , where she mentored alongside supermodel Naomi Campbell. The five-foot nine blonde is primarily known for her impressive modelling career, and has featured on the cover of  Vogue Mexico and Madame Figaro amongst many others . Aside from being the Aussie Beach babe we all aspire to be, Cheyenne also happens to be a talented musician and just in case that wasn’t enough, she now designs her own Lingerie range for Kiss Kill.

With that in mind, we thought that there’s no better person than Cheyenne to give us modelling tips and advice on how to pose like a model !

How to pose according to Cheyenne Tozzi


  • What is the classic mistake people make when striking a pose? 

Not being in touch with their body and emotion. Confidence is key!


  • Do you have a tip to trick people into a good pose?

10 star jumps then go. It really works.


  • How could you avoid the deer caught in the headlights look? 

Shut your eyes, then open, pose.


  • When you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera you often end up doing body contortion, any tips to avoid looking like you belong in the circus?

Practise, practise, practise. Get yourself in front of a mirror and see what works. The more relaxed you are the less silly and uncomfortable you will look.


  • How can you hide your excess weight without resorting to photoshop / facetune?

Work your angles. If I’m having a off day l use my hands across my stomach.


  • How can you lengthen your legs and thin your arms in a picture? 

Stand on your toes or wear nude heels. Definitely do not flatten your arms against your body.


  • Your best street style pose ? 

The wall lean. Always a winner.


  • Summer is coming up and most of us will be going on holiday, what’s the best bikini pose ? 

Bum up, tummy in, smile on. Simple as that.   


 About Cheynne Tozzi


  • What is your best memory on shoot?

I’m always laughing and dancing at every shoot. So they are all the best.

  • What’ has been your most challenging fashion moment? 

There are always a few. Probably not looking good in a tutu. 

  • You’re surrounded by beautiful women in your job, what do you find beautiful in a person? 

Personality for sure. I’m lucky, l have amazingly talented, beautiful, awesome legends as friends. We just love to laugh and keep it real.

  • You have such great skin , what is your morning routine?

I love Mimi products for my face.

  • You have travelled so much with your job – what’s your ideal holiday spot? 

Costa Rica

  •  Favourite cocktail? 


  • Your must have accessory this summer? 

A beautiful Ellery dress for a summer night

  • What shoes would you wear for a first date? 

Bare feet, if we’re at the beach or my new Saint Laurent’s.

  •  Anything else you would like to tell What-to-where readers?

Be anything you want to be with humility and a smile and you’ll be sweet.  


Picture source: Storm Management / Beautycate / Pinterest

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