September 22, 2014
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Following my blogger smoothie experience with , we received a few questions from Marie, enquiring about our beauty and health routines. I am a huge fan of those types of questions, as I am really fascinated about what other people do and how they do it.

Obviously, ‘the perfect woman’ wakes up flawless (as queen Bey would say) with deliciously fresh complexion and glorious curved lashes in spite of having wolfed down a burger and fries and a pack of macaroons washed down with 4 mojitos.

Sadly, we aren’t all blessed with that kind of metabolism. We, ‘almost perfect women’ have to make an effort to achieve the same result (see the irony, as my lashes are never curved without the indispensable mascara) but the rest easily attainable with a bit of discipline.

So for those of you who are curious, here is my “Healthy Routine” interview. If you have little secrets to share, we would be more than interested to hear about them so send us a mail to! Follow me on Instagram @MACHA_V for my daily routine, looks, travel tips, healthy recipes or foodies.


Macha, what is your top wellbeing tip?

Do a detox cure 4 times a year to evacuate stress, as well asthe toxins accumulated in your body in order to regenerate.

As for weight loss, I think it is time to cease diets and be ready to accept a definitive change in nutrition, if not the fat rolls always end up coming back.

Sport? How many times a week?

If walking your dog counts then once to twice a day!! If not I only run when I travel, as I do not have time during the week.

Your favourite healthy food /recipe?

Baby spinach leaves in a smoothie or in a salad. My favourite recipe? A baby spinach salad with strawberries, feta, nuts and honey vinaigrette. A true delight and low on calories!

Your favourite cocktail?

Basil-strawberry mojito!

Your favourite beauty product?

For the face, I am quite picky when it comes to cream textures and odours, I hate pearlised finishes and any product which is overly perfumed!

My favourite product in recent years is Sisley’s Express Flower Gel. It should be applied after a long day, before heading out, or in the morning after a short nights’ sleep.  We can keep it as a base for make-up, it awakens the complexion, boosts it’s glow, strengthens the skin and smoothes the lines basically a natural lifting!

Your natural beauty secret?

Stay as natural as possible, I think it’s the only way to learn to find yourself beautiful! I never wear make-up during the week and try and spend several days without nail polish as soon as I can. My little secret is almond oil, I plaster myself with it before going to bed!

Your worst habit?

When I am stressed I comfort myself with a cheese platter!

Your morning routine?

I read my emails in bed (not necessarily the most calming wakeup call!). I then head to the shower and start with a leg peeling to activate the blood flow. For my facial care, I rub Sisley’s essential oil lotion followed by my day cream. If I have time in the morning I prepare myself a smoothie, if not I drink a large glass of water with lemon before going to work. (You will notice all our fashionistas have the same morning ritual, drink water and lemon!)

You are often abroad, what is your tip to stay in top shape?

Avoid the hotel breakfast buffet; there are too many temptations that aren’t necessarily healthy! I drink a lot of green tea to stock up on antioxidants but mostly I ENJOY!

Being healthy depends on our mind-set, if travelling was a chore, I would end up becoming depressed and sick, howeverI make the most of my trips by discovering new places between meetings, eating a meal that makes me happy or go out for a drink!

Best place to relax?

On holiday by reading a book at the beach, the rest of the time snuggling under a blanket with my French bulldog. (Moch and Macha a big love story!!)

When you go a restaurant, what is your favorite meal?

Seared sesame tuna, but not that long ago it was beef filet and chips!

A rapid and healthy recipe to share?

Citrus fruit seabass carpaccio accompanied by a cucumber salad – 100% detox!

Comme je vous l’ai dit dans mon article précédent “Vos 7 essentiels smoothies”, j’ai participé à l’atelier bloggeuse de smoothies addict il y a quelques mois. Marie nous avait demandé de répondre à quelques questions sur notre routine beauté et santé. Je suis une grande adepte de ce genre de questions, non pas par voyeurisme, mais parce que l’on se demande toujours comment les autres font eux. Evidemment la femme parfaite se réveille dejà belle, le teint frais, les cils recourbés tout en ayant mangé un hamburger frites la veille, un paquet de macarons et bu 4 mojitos. Malheureusement n’ayant pas toutes eu la chance de jouir de ce métabolisme, nous les femmes presque parfaites devons faire quelques petits efforts pour arriver au même résultat ( evidemment, mes cils ne sont jamais recourbés sans le passage de l’indispensable mascara, mais le reste est atteignable avec un peu de discipline).

Voila donc vous pouvez découvrir ici  mon interview “Healthy Routine” pour Smoothiesaddict. Si vous avez des petits secrets à nous faire découvrir, nous sommes plus qu’interessées, envoyez nous un email! N’oubliez pas de me suivre sur Instagram pour ma routine, looks quotidiens, voyages, art de vire, recettes healthy ou gourmandes. @MACHA_V

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