August 17, 2015

Back from holiday and back to work.

As september approaches you start shifting your focus on getting yourself back to work, the kids back to school and your house back to scratch.

I often find that when I get back from holiday, more often than not, I want change. I get a sudden urge to be creative, and want to remodel the perfect home according to the latest trend.

On this occasion we asked interior designer and editor of the design section at Eyes Magazine , Mandana Sappino to fill us in on the latest interior design movement : Industrial Combination.

Industrial combination is the alliance between opposites ; mixing natural & artificial materials to give something more to the space or to the object. Giving an industrial look by associating hot & cold sensations, rustic & urban together.

Modern, mixed, warm & cold, rustic, natural & artificial, simple, symmetric, aesthetic are the key words that define industrial combination. Nowadays, this trend is very widespread because it affects the society. People like simplicity & minimalism. Having less but elegant & refined. “ Less is more “.

In this article, we are going to see some examples of interior design & product design which reflects industrial combination.

First of all, let’s talk about Le Labo which is a famous perfume shop founded in Grasse, France & based in many cities like New York, London, Paris etc.

Here you can have a look at the one in New York. We can immediately see the use of wood & metal as well as tiles on the wall & the bar. The store layout is simple but stylish & rich because of the mix of materials which are completely different.


Always in New York, here we have a tacos restaurant. The Tacombi at Fonda Nolita. This place has been fit out in a old garage. The industrial look has also a strong impact because of the place.



The Loft restaurant by the famous architecture’s firm Brinkworth reflects also the definition of industrial combination. They have designed a place in central London that looks like a farm building. The choice of the furniture, the materials & the colors are rustic and charming at the same time. Rusty corrugated metal on the walls, old lightings, wood furniture are filling up the place.

what to where - the loft

People also like to have an industrial feel at home. Here is an example of a private loft made by Paola Nova, in Italy. The designer likes to mix modernism with arts & crafts. In this interior, we see again the combination between warm & cold materials especially on the floor with the mix of tiles & wood parquet.



Industrial combination is reflected in product design as well. In the first example, we see cast aluminium & wood furniture made by Hilla Shamia.

what to where Hilla Shamia

The rustic wood is transformed into an aesthetic & emotional value. The symmetric lines accentuate the artificial feeling but at the same time it keeps the warmth of the material.

Here, the Cherie lamp by Armani Casa is represented. The brand has a very subtle design ; always simple shapes dressed up with rich materials.The lamp gives a sensation of freshness with the use of nickel but at the same time it makes a perfect match with the lizard skin. The fabric used for the shade plays with the warmth of the lighting distribution.

1396018263890_Cherie IMAGE

In a nutshell, we have seen a few examples showing the main aspects of the industrial’s influence. Industrial combination is also present in other fields like fashion, for example. You can always find mix of different materials & fabrics for a purse or even a pair of shoes.

The industrial combination is everywhere, just open your eyes and get inspired !


what to where - mandana sappino


(All content pictures found on Pinterest)

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