May 23, 2017


“Ice cream is a way to relax and huge part of my life, in fact my kids are practically raised on  it” says the energetic, talented and beautiful Jennifer Jorgensen.extraordinarylife.

As the Global Marketing director for Häagen-Dazs, cultural icon and luxury ice cream brand, Jennifer is constantly tuned-in to new developments in the food industry for the benefit of the brand’s loyal fans.

Born and raised in the United States, this mother of three, who has worked for General Mills since 1995, relocated to London in 2015. It was in January 2016, that Jennifer arrived at Häagen-Dazs, with a view to modernise the business.

With natural elegance and charm, Jennifer’s vision is to create a modern lifestyle brand, where women and men of all ages relate and appreciate the craftsmanship and authenticity of the dense, richly textured Häagen-Dazs ice cream, without losing sight of the values introduced by Polish founder Mr.Reuben Mattus.

After much dedication and hard work, it is exactly what was achieved by launching, last week at Noho Studios, in collaboration with Bompas & Parr, the #myextraordinarylife campaign. A carefully considered hashtag, promising an immersive and connected experience for the eyes and taste buds.

By utilising real artists to design enticing packaging for the new ice cream flavours, Häagen-Dazs aims to build expectations … From the minute you lay eyes on the packaging you start to experience a crescendo of expectations that you can capture (on the gram’ as they say) giving the brand a strong social currency.

A wise marketing move, possibly inspired by Jennifer’s finance background, that will have the trend-setting millennial consumer sharing these moments in person as well as virtually.

According to Jennifer, the younger consumer is after a multi-sensory experience, hence the desire to partner with culinary innovators and food artists Bompas & Parr.  The aim of this collaboration, aside from celebrating the moment and indulging in creamy delights, she tells us is to “revive and modernise a global icon by capturing a younger audience”. A brand “reset” bound to place Häagen-Dazs in a league of its own.

What better way to capture the audience than by constantly introducing new emerging ice cream flavours? I had my doubts, but it appears Ice Cream trends are a “thing” after all.  From the use of real flowers to the introduction of new product categories such as mochi´s … it sounds like summer will have us on an ice cream diet in no time. myextraordinarylife

Jennifer Jorgensen is a force of joy whose talent has created quite an accomplishment!



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