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July 29, 2015

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Next up on our summer destination recommendations is Mykonos. Today we aim to share with you our ultimate guide to all the coolest hotspots on the island.

White houses, blue roofs, turquoise sea, charming white streets full of little shops, the greek Island is a perfect ambassador of the « Art de vivre » and one of the most preserved greek Island.

In order to discover all the Island’s gems, we strongly recommend you rent a small car, avoid the oversized Jeep, you won’t find anywhere to park it as the town is heaving during peek season. And before you get totally seduced by all our local tips, bare in mind that Mykonos, appart from being a super romantic and energetic Island it is also a summer destination for party animals, so unless you are ready to put up with some background sound and a party ambience we recommend you don’t go there in August. However with this in mind What-to-Where’s Mykonos Guide encapsulates some quiet spots that will keep you in true Romance with the Island.



When you come around to booking a hotel in Mykonos you will certainly check the beach options, because rightly so, you can’t imagine going on an Island without being at walking distance from the beach!!… Note that this shouldn’t be the case on this occasion. Even if you find a hotel «  pieds dans l’eau » it will most likely not have a private beach, you will have to pay for an aditionnal fee, and more importantly, if you are a true What-to-Where reader, you won’t need a beach as you will want to explore the Isand and discover all the hot spots. Same story with restaurants, you won’t stay in to eat at the hotel.

That said, you can go for a lovely Boutique hotel, which will be the best quality/ price option as you will constantly be out and about  and therefore won’t use the hotel facilities. Here’s our Boutique hotel selection.

 – Cavo Tagoo for an exlusive luxury stay. Basic rooms starts at 330 euros, but count 540-600 euros during high season.

what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_cavotagoo5 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_cavotagoo4 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_cavotagoo3 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_cavotagoo2

 San Giorgio Mykonos for a boho stay in a design oriented atmosphere. Basic room starts at 150euros  

If you still want to go for a traditional hotel, you can stay at Mykonian ambassador Relais Chateaux in Psarou, you will have a stunning sea view, a charming room, and if you are lucky enough to get the Jacuzzi on your terrace you can enjoy the Sunset from your tub while sipping a glass of wine. There are plenty good greek restaurants around and you are 1 min walk from many beach clubs including Nammos.



Mykonos is full of paradisiac spots and you’ll find an option for each mood. There are the party beaches with commercial music like Super Paradise, the well preserved nudist beaches, the family beaches with water sports activities, the edgy ones and the posh ones.

Here are a few of our favorites :

– Almagou, Ftelia Beach, is quite far from the other beaches, while driving there you will feel like you’ve discovered Mykonos’ true hidden gem.  Upon arrival you will fall for it’s charming set up, flowers on the tables & minimalist rustic sun beds. It’s the perfect beach to chill out during the day sipping on fresh juices, having a tasty lunch, getting tipsy with some late afternoon coktails and get groovy at Sunset. It is slowly becoming the place to be among the young jet setters. You won’t see any cheap party animal tourists around, on this occasion please don’t share with them this travel tip 😉

– Nammos, Psarou Beach is Mykonos’s most famous and upscale beach club. If you want to see the Greek rich & beautiful crowd and A listers coming off their yachts then that’s where you have to go. Sunbeds are really close to each other, you can basically spot your neighbourg’s bikini brand, but at least you will get great shopping tips as you will see the trendiest selection of beach apparel. The food is really nice too, but by Sunset you will be immersed into the party vibes. You can also book your massage or yoga lesson there.

what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_nammos1 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_nammos what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_nammos2 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_nammos3 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_nammos4

-Elia beach. White sand, turquoise water, Ella Beach is a quiet well preserved little paradise. On the right you have a family beach and on the left the gay & nudist community. If you want to escape from Mykonos crowded and noisy beaches, then you will enjoy spending the day there. You can also go for long walks in the sand.

– Solymar, Kalo Livadi beach. Nice beach, can be a bit windy. Great food and fun parties (more greek crowd). Great recommendation for lunch !

what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_solymar2 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_solymar

– Kalua, Paraga Beach. Landscape perfect setting, sophisticated, exclusive beach club with delicious food, wine and cocktails, great music & fun, Kalua is the perfect alternative to Nammos, « Beach chic », but you can still have some privacy and enjoy the sea view.



Head to town before or after dinner and wander around the charming streets, you will see plenty shops from Souvenirs to the highest luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Hermes, Mykonos is definitively full of shopping hotspots.

For Premium and High-end designers go to Jorjy they have a great designer selection and they also carry Lovers+friends & Vitamin A swimwear which are some of our favorite brands. Also stop by the Free Shop to purchase your Ancient Greek Sandals, your must have shoes for your night walk around the Mykonos Streets.

If you are still looking for the Chanel espadrilles then you might want to have a look at Linea Piu where they carry a great luxury brand selection.

Looking for a Missoni Kaftan for the beach ? Have a look at Luisa which is located at Nammos Beach.

For typical greek jewelry and stones, you will find many jewelry stores in town,.



If you’re back from the beach and ready to go to town, stop by the Rochari Hotel, one of Mykonos’ hotspots at Sunset, sip a cocktail by the pool and watch the sun dive into the sea.

Now if you are looking for some sundown drinks and partying here’s our selection.

– Nammos : Always happening, seems like the rich & beautiful know how to let go and have fun !

– Alemagou Beach : The new party place for the models & young hipster VIP’s. Make sure sure there’s an event otherwise it can also be a miss.

– Kalua : Great mix of raunchiness, commercial music and still decent quality people.

what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_kalula2 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_kalula1 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_kalula

 Tropicana : The mass party animal spot, people start drinking early in the afternoon, You won’t be bored watching this amusing scene, commercial music, people dancing on tables, making out, others lying drunk in the sand, head there around 6pm, it is not very glamourous, but it can be fun and worth seeing.



– Kuzina : Ask for one of the tables on the sand. Great sushi and seafood, amazing setup.

– Baltazar : Newly opened restaurant located in the heart of Mykonos with outstanding food quality and chilled out atmosphere.

– Uno con Carne: In town, trendy place, great atmosphere, good drinks, good meat.

– Interni : Also great atmosphere, trendy place, nice for the bar scene.

– Sea Satin : Absolute classic, right next to Little Venice. Ok greek food, but very scenic (right on the sea) and it turns into a fun party with people dancing on the tables

Hippie Fish : Super nice set up by the sea, delicious fish and seefood.

what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_hippiefish4 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_hippiefish1 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_hippiefish2 what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_hippiefish3what-to-where_mykonos_hotspot_guide_hippiefish


If you want to go for after dinner for some drinks, you will find many little bars with music that turn into clubs late at night. Caprice, in little Venice is a nice venue with a fun DJ. Astra, is also one of our recommened bar/clubs they charge an entrance and have bottle service, but there’s an outside area so it is a great option to enjoy the summer nights. Our favorite in-town clubs are Guzel and Rock & Roll, they are very small clubs with a great party vibe and they go on until 8 am.

Mykonos has certainly gained its party Island reputation with the big night clubs, attracting big DJ’s and the European party crowd  we will name Cavo Paradiso or Paradise. They are the biggest clubs with the famous Dj’s if you don’t want to be bothered by the crowd we suggest to book a table in the VIP. These big clubs are outside town, don’t drink and drive, the Island’s roads are pretty dangerous, but you can easily get taxis or buses leaving from town to bring you there.


A special thank you to our dear friends Filipo Calenti for his input on our Mykonos hip travel guide, and to Olimpia Castellini Baldissera for her amazing pictures that ables us to share with you the Island’s beauty. If we haven’t answered all your needs with this Mykonos guide, please feel free to write us and we will be glad to answer your questions !

All pictures by Olimpia Castellini Baldissera


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