December 5, 2016
shiseido giveaway

Shiseido Giveaway – Dare to wear Red

«There is a shade of red for every woman » – Audrey Hepburn

Is red lipstick too daring or too uncomfortable ? It’s a bit like those super high and sexy  platform heels we keep eyeing up in our closet, without ever daring to wear them, by fear of impersonating the neighbourhood Vamp, or twisting our ankle after a couple of meters. Red lipstick is a dangerous exercise.

First difficulty is domesticating it. Dare to wear red and find your shade.

Second difficulty is applying it.  Requires concentration, patience and delicateness … Note to self: Must not resemble a clown, or Courtney Love’s long lost twin… Although some may view this as  a suitable alternative to hyaluronic acid injections.

Third difficulty is keeping it on. Must avoid eating it, licking and blowing my nose when wearing Red lipstick. As any of the above could result in any of us looking vulgar after several hours when the lipstick has disappeared leaving nothing but an 80’s style lip liner.

And last but not least,  must avoid marking territory on each glass, napkin, cheek or shirt collar in the vicinity.. It’s classless!

Red lipstick is not always easy to handle, but it is beautiful, therefore there is no reason not to wear it. The days when red lipstick was reserved for big occasions are now well and truly over. Thanks to technological progress and cosmetic innovation, this must-have accessory has become a safe bet for everyday life. That’s exactly what Shiseido intends to prove with the launch of it’s new long wearing Red Lipstick range Rouge Rouge. A rich and creamy textured collection, designed to moisturize and enhance even the most rebellious of lips. Available in 16 shades of reds, deep and magnetic the Rouge Rouge was conceived to accompany us in everyday life.  Giving us a multitude of choice to ensure our lips are dressed with a vibrant red at each outing. « Bloodstone » for a day in the office, « Sweet Desire » to stroll through an art show, or the very evocative « First bite » for a first date. I chose Real Ruby, a brownish red that I like to wear every day to play the fashionista in my mohair sweaters and empower myself as a glamorous woman once night falls. What shade will you choose?



Sharing is caring, which is why until December 9th, we are teaming with Shiseido to offer you the Red of your choice. From Monday to Friday, we will be posting an Instagram #DaretowearRed picture daily. To participate simply comment on one of the five photos and tell us for what occasion you wear red lipstick and tag two friends who you think will like the tint! Good Luck! The winner will be announced on Instagram on 10th December.

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