March 3, 2017

An outbreak of Shrobing has taken the FROW by storm and is putting thousands more fashionistas at risk of catching a cold, as the contagious street style trend continues to spread across Europe with fashion month.

First introduced by Demna Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga, back in March last year, shrobing which stands for shoulder-robing, has become the crème de la crème of styling this season. The purpose of shrobing is to appear nonchalant although if you come to think about it, this ‘thrown on’ look is quite the opposite and requires some consideration. Firstly, it is important to point out that wearing your coat peeled-down off the shoulder doesn’t just work with any coat.  The fabric needs to be fairly fluid, so forget ‘shrobing’ a tailored coat. Instead try a mac, puffer, aviator or denim coat with an extra-wide neckline. Chances are, you will already own such outerwear. This should be teamed with tight polo necks to create an elongated silhouette. The last thing you want is to look swaddled like a new-born in a blanket. Not to mention keeping you warm and preventing you from catching the dreaded fashion flu. Another thing to remember is if you do decide to shrobe, you must be prepared to go hands-free because there will be no where to put your handbag.

Here are some of our favourite looks of the season:

what-to-where-shrobing shrobing-london-fashion-week shrobing-what-to-where


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