July 10, 2017
Sunglasses trend 2017

Explore our SS17 trends edit of the best sunglasses to buy now.

Sunglasses not only protect your pretty eyes from sun damage they also help accessorise a look and enable you to look stylish wearing pj bottoms and flip flops.

To decipher the SS17 sunglasses trends in the ever growing world of eyewear, we have based our choice on 5 key trends: the classic cat eye, the coloured lenses, the white sunnies, the chic aviator, and last but not least the eccentric shades, which break all the conventional codes but scream “cool attitude”.


Dark lenses and imposing shapes, these sunnies give you a Sofia Loren retro look. This year their modern shape will come in handy to hide puffy eyes and unwanted bags under your eyes. If those weren’t enough reasons to love them, cat eyes can be worn whatever time of day regardless of the activity.




In summer, we always want a little more fun, and it is with coloured frames or coloured lenses that we can have it. This summer 2017, pink and yellow are IN, up to you now to see the world in pastel shades.




Black lenses and ultra-white thick frames, a graphic element that has been making a comeback for several years. This year the oval shape is a must have. Icon of the sixties with Audrey Hepburn, then resumed in the 90’s by all the top models, the white sunglasses bring a theatrical touch to your look, but also happens to be very flattering a tanned face.




  • The classic AVIATOR.


It’s been in our top 5 sunglasses for as long as I can remember, it’s about time we upgraded our good old Ray-bans for a GOLD aviator, the latest colour variation of the trend.





Shared between an air of Lolita and the futuristic side of Star Treck, the eccentric sunglasses of SS17, do not belong to any specific era, however they are a true fashion accessory that will guarantee you don’t go unnoticed.





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