September 1, 2016
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IBUKI, ‘new breath’ in Japanese, is the new range of care by Shiseido, which offers a solution to minimize skin problems. Imperfections, redness, stress and fatigue can often leave the texture of your skin feeling less than clear, and it is extremely difficult to clean up the skin permanently.

Through its wide range of products, Ibuki targets active women between 25-35 years old that are up for a challenge to clean, activate and correct the skin on a daily basis.  A promise that appeals to more than one, and that’s obviously what I needed. I didn’t have acne in my teens, but for about the past year my skin has decided to take revenge. For those who follow me regularly, hard to believe I know, especially with my ‘miss healthy’ tag, excluding sport of course, (I’m way too busy and lazy to be doing squats, but I shall not lose faith). I hardly wear any make-up, I don’t smoke, I hardly ever drink, do not eat any lactose, and have even given up on my addiction to fries and chocolate. Nothing helps, my skin is never clear, and apparently it’s a hormonal imbalance which is making my life difficult. With nothing left in the books, I might as well try to make my skin healthier and patiently wait for menopause.

As a blogger, and to the dismay of my beautician who advises me to do not change too often beauty routine, I frequently receive beauty products to try out.  So it is with great care that I start testing new products, and yet it’s so tempting! A new smell, a new texture, it is enough to give me the impression of being a new woman. Well let’s not get into my psychoanalysis, but let’s talk about what follows; A nice video a bit different from what you see usually, led by Thibault Galifier. Two days of shooting (for 2 minutes of movie) exhausting but fun (I almost learned how to ride the bike) for you to get a glimpse into my daily life with a bit of humor and the concept behind the last two highlights of the IBUKI  range by Shiseido, the QUICK FIX MIST spray range and the mask of night BEAUTY SLEEPING MASK.

In short, the IBUKI QUICK FIX MIST spray is anti- stress spray for the skin to take with you anywhere, it rehydrates and firms your skin at any time of the day, even if you are wearing make-up. On the other hand IBUKI BEAUTY SLEEPING MASK, hydrates, regenerates and diminishes the small imperfections without suffocating your skin overnight. A targeted solution that responds to every concern (oily skin, redness, pores, pimples). I will let you discover the video, I hope that you enjoy it, do not hesitate to write us if you have any questions!


IBUKI: une peau sans stress tout au long de la journée.


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