June 8, 2015

Meet Melanie Issaians

A rough diamond waiting to be polished is how I would best describe the ZiiSSA start up! A dynamic and creative company that is becoming

the one stop stop destination for anyone in need of modern and versatile diamond jewellery.

Melanie Issaians, founder and creative director, merged her creative vision and interest in Greek culture into a beautiful selection of refined pieces.

We sit down with Melanie to find out more about her and you will understand straight away why she is our pick of the month!


what to where melanie issaians

  • How and why did you start your jewellery line?

From a young age I always admired my parents’ style in fine pieces, so I built up my own passion for jewellery, especially delicate precious pieces of accessories that you can keep and treasure. In hindsight my determination to set up my own jewellery line manifested a little later in life than I would have hoped for , but looking back I feel my passion and zeal for success is even stronger now after fulfilling a number of other ambitions. I graduated in International Business and spent the last 10 years working in finance in London and production for the largest media channel in Dubai. I’ve done a lot, lived in many countries, and gained multiple skills, but in my heart being creative is only best channelled through designing delicate & precious jewellery.


  • What does Ziissa stand for?

That is a good question – being creative and sentimental, I thought long and hard for the best name for my jewellery line. I am half Greek/ half Armenian and Ziissa represents a mixture of all my family members, who are also involved in the business. “Z” stands for dear mother Zizella, my muse and biggest supporter. The double “ii” is for twins, my sister and I, and symbolises the symmetry and reflecting light of my jewellery, and ‘SSA” is from my family name, signifying my father and makes ZiiSSA for all the values that he has taught us to follow and cherish in life.


  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration for the designs come from my belief that jewellery can be simple and elegant, yet stand out for its intricate detail and elegance. My jewellery is wearable from morning to night and suits all occasions. I also like my clients to wear the jewellery and appreciate it’s hidden meaning, for example the ” Levina Snake” ring represents new birth and new life as this reptile sheds its skin allowing it to start fresh. The “Zoe” ring is the simplest and most delicate item in my collection, a horizontal  bar with diamonds and comes from the Greek word for life “zoi”, reminding us that everyone has a start and finish point in life and everything in between is what we make of it.


what to where


  • Take us through a typical day at work?

Design ideas, working on samples for future collections and updating the various social media platforms. I have to say my favourite time is when I am meeting happy customers from the London area to hand deliver their exclisuve wrapped up purchase.



  • Tell us about your failsafe outfit formula?

My failsafe outift will always be a pair of black leather trousers with an elegant black jumper and a pair of nude heels. It’s a simple yet elegant look that works for day or night events. And of course, the perfect canvas for some ZiiSSA jewellery!


  • Do you have any style icons?

My style icons vary from Olivia Palermo for her outfit styling, Kendall Jenner for her gracefulness, and Princess Rania of Jordan for classic beauty.


  • Where do you go when you need a creative boost?

Seeing the reaction of my clients when I unveil a new addition to my line and hearing their recommendation for new designs. Also, there are so many talented designers and online is the best place to keep abreast of the inspiration all over the world.


  • Do you have any passions outside jewellery?

Having studied Art for GCSE and A level I’ve always wanted to keep my paintbrush flowing, so I enjoy painting on canvas and on leather bags ( I think I started doing that at the age of 11 on my mum’s LV bag!) and loved seeing the result.


  • Are you planning a collaboration? If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

No collaborations planned at the moment however if the opportunity arose then it would be with artist Donald Robertson. I find him so inspiring and quirky!


  • If you had to share a secret with What-to-where readers, what would it be?

Never keep a secret as good as ZiiSSA! 🙂





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