July 29, 2015

« Dare to go beyond the STATUS Quo ».

As little girls, Melanie wanted to be an Astronaut or a vet while Melodie was dreaming of being a astrophysicist or maybe a lawyer but fate decided otherwise. 27 years old, Ex Lawyers, Melanie is Swiss-Portuguese andMelodie has Polish & turkish origins, they decided to come out of their shell and pursue their passion starting a DJ & music production career. Strength, admiration and power, that’s why this gorgeous european duo inspires us. Let’s find out more about the two très chic ladies behind Radiumm and discover the Summer 2015 party playlist that they prepared in exclusivity for


How did you two meet ?

Melodie: We met at University, we were in the same class, and it’s a funny story because at first we didn’t like each other — at all 🙂 But one day, I went to Melanie and said “Hey, you don’t seem to like me, and I can’t say I love you either, but come on, let’s grab a drink and talk. I’m sure we have more in common than what we think.” And that was the start of a long, solid friendship.


From Lawyers to Dj & music producers, that’s quite a long way. We admire your strength and determination, tell us what pushed you into this artistic career.

Melodie & Melanie: We’ve followed the “normal” academical path until the end of college. After graduating with our Master’s degree, we started to realise that we live in a society with expectations manufactured by what others think is “good” or “bad” and what other people want our lives to be like, and we both strongly oppose that. We think that so many people have a beautiful artistic side hidden inside of them and most are afraid to explore it, and it is heartbreaking because people shine and become their true selves when they really do what they love and are able to express their truth.

The truth is, people want to be loved, they want a sense of belonging, but as soon as you showcase your artistic side, you become naked and vulnerable and you open your soul to the public. We all fear criticism, but we open that door through art. We think that the world would be a happier place if people just dared more to be themselves, expressed fully what really goes through their minds and what they really want to do. Because ultimately, that is true freedom and that’s exactly what we want from life.

That’s what made us turn down several job offers we got in major law firms while we were still studying: Melanie got offered an excellent position in an international law firm and I got a great offer from an international association against doping in sports. We just wanted to focus on making our dream come true and creating our own path. What drives us is seeing how happy people are when they listen to your music, that moment of letting go and sharing that moment with our crowd is priceless.


What does Radiumm stand for and what type of music do you play?

Melanie & Melodie: We feel strongly about the number 8, which in astronomy symbolizes the constellation of Sagittarius, which is Melanie’s astrology sign. Radiumm’s atomic number is 88, which is Melodie’s year of birth. The number 8 is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese and other Asian cultures. In the Middle Ages, 8 was known to symbolize perfection of incoming planetary energy.

In physics, radium is intensely radioactive and it’s the heaviest member of the alkaline earth group but also the most volatile one. Radium is their own metaphor for life, which most of us take for granted. We see life as very volatile and we’re aware that everything can disappear any second.

For us, radium also implies perfection: being strong, poised and determined, but simultaneously light as a feather, crazy and spontaneous. We are as strong as we are weak, and there is beauty in both. For us, the purpose of life is an “all”, strong and weak, perfect and imperfect, but what matters is being whole and complete, a beautiful imperfection.


What’s a typical work day for you ?

Melanie & Melodie: We’re very busy at the moment, but it’s normal when you start a business. Usually we wake up, we have a couple meetings or conference calls with artistic directors from clubs, phone calls for interviews or future gigs, but we move a lot. One day in Lausanne, the next in Geneva, the next in Zurich or Lugano. As of now, we’re working on our project 150%. In regards to music production, we spend on average 4 hours a day producing.


And when you’re off ? Are you hyperactive busy bees or more the chilling kind ?

Melanie & Melodie: We are both at the same time. But most of the time we are hyperactive, always with new ideas and trying to find the ways to achieve them. Our brains think about growing and getting more and more exposure radiumm 24/7, we’re plugged and on overdrive, we love it. Sometimes we have ideas just by talking on the phone or being alone at midnight watching a movie.


As you know we are fervent Women supporters at What-to-Where, could you tell us a bit more about the status of female presence in the music production?

Melanie & Melodie: Currently, the female presence in the music industry is ridiculously low, which is a gift and a curse for us. It certainly is a male-dominated industry but we’re trying to fight for our place. The good side of that situation is that there are very few DJs or music producers who are composed of 2 brunettes who are the same age and have law degrees, so it makes us stand out more easily.


What’s your music way, what were you listening to as a kid and what gets you grooving today ?

Melodie: I loved listening to underground hip hop as a kid, Obie Trice, Some Rnb, too, but always had a strong feel for music. It really depends in which mood I am.

Melanie: I loved to listen to the Spice Girls, and the boy’s bands. I loved pop music, hip hop, rock music. I am open to every style of music.


What’s your dream place to mix ?

Melanie & Melodie: Probably Hakkasan in Las Vegas and Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium and the Ultra festival in Miami.



So you go to bed late, what are your beauty tips to look fresh and keep this glowing skin ?

Melanie & Melodie: Every morning, we start our day with an insane spinach smoothie. We don’t smoke, we barely drink which is totally opposed to the industry we’re in. Being zen and meditating helps. We always take our makeup off in the evening and drink a lot of water. Being happy and kind makes you pretty 😛


Favorite sunset cocktail ?



What’s in a DJ beach bag ?

Melanie: all I need are my headphones, my playlist and my phone to browse new tunes and sounds. A wifi connection is a must. I admit I don’t often have a book with me, I’d rather focus on my creative flow 🙂 I never leave home without my sunscreen and my Panama hat.

Melodie: same as Melanie, sunscreen & my Panama hat are a must. My headphones are the number one accessory, too.


What’s the ultimate summer Party destination?

We love Mykonos, it’s the best!


What shoes would you wear for a first date?

Melanie: I don’t have a predestined shoe for a first date, it depends on my mood and the activity but for a summer terrasse I think my python sandals from Jimmy Choo. You can wear it low key or more sophisticated.

Melodie: I go with the flow, if I’m true to myself I’d wear my white AllStar, but my current number 1 pair is a black satin Louboutin pumps. They make you look sassy whatever you wear!


What’s on your summer playlist on repeat?

We’re discovering new tracks every day.


Anything you would like to say to What-to-Where readers?

The message we’d like to pass on is that we all put so much pressures on ourselves, always be better, get that promotion, constantly wanting to be the best at what we do, but because of these obligations, we sometimes forget to live.

You should never forget to live, take a moment, even 5 minutes a day. We all have 5 minutes a day, to relax, and to take that pressure off. We all know the only currency that is forever lost is time, we can’t come back in time and change the way things are today. So just remember to live to the fullest.


So we heard you’re leaving on Tour, what are your next dates and projects?

This Friday, July 31st, we’re hosting a party at the MGM Cafe in Ouchy, Lausanne. Save the date! The line-up is going to be crazy, 100% EDM! Check out the event here =>

We’re off to Turkey in August and have got several private events in the South of Turkey. Then we’re back in Switzerland in September, we’re waiting for a confirmation to spin in the Swiss German area and in Portugal. We’ll have more details the following weeks but make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates!

In October, we’ll be moving to Amsterdam for a few months to meet our contacts there. We’re also looking forward to radiate and spin up in Dutch clubs. The Netherlands is the mecca in terms of electronic music: Hardwell, Fedde le Grand, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Afrojack, Martin Garrix are all Dutch!

We’re also on the organizing committee of the 20th GENEVA LAKE PARADE 2016, which is a very exciting project for us!


BIG THANK YOU to WHAT-TO-WHERE for this interview, you ladies rock!




Check out the SUNSHINE inspired Episode for our friends @ What-To-Where on the link below:



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