January 30, 2015

It’s Wednesday, and after a long day at work you kick back mid week tempted to brake your dry January promise. Over a rather healthy dinner with your Mr Right ,he announces his parents are in town and has organised dinner tomorrow evening for you to finally meet them. Hardly the harmonious scenario you’d expected for that crucial and daunting initial encounter. First impressions are made fast, and we all know it takes all of about 5 mins to make your mind up about someone. So these crucial minutes will count the most. It is clear to say the least that his mum will look for the slightest thing to write you off… After all we don’t blame her, we would want the best for our baby too…and although are own parents taught us not to judge people based on their appearance we know for a fact that you will be come tomorrow so do what you do best and dress for success.

Unlike the ideal scenario you’d built in your mind of meeting his parents on a Saturday after a serious pamper session of mani, pedi and blow dry you have the unfortunate reality of going to meet his parents straight from work. That means you have to put some extra thought in how you put yourself together to avoid taking a trolley case into work. It´s dinner not a business trip!
Luckily for us one very smart woman Gabrielle Chanel had us in mind when she created the little black dress also known as the LBD.  Long lasting and versatile this invention will be your life saver. It’s also sure to say that you own one, so no need to brake the bank for the occasion. I mean it would be pretty annoying to buy an outfit without knowing the outcome.

We might not be able to whisper you tips on what to say during dinner through an ear piece but we can help you look the part. So here are our styling tips and inspiration to LBD perfection :
Select a versatile dress that will work for both the day and night like this DailyLook tube dress. The way you outfit build will transform the look. Layering is key this season so make sure to bare that in mind when pulling your outfit together.
We recommend you layer a chunky knit over your LBD. Accentuate your waist area by belting the sweater.  For a corpoarte twist add an oversized trench ( Parisian style), dark shades ( because we are hopeful the sunshine will come out) and the must have bucket bag. As you are likely to be running around settle for a pair of block heel boots they always do the trick.


For the night :

 So now, the time as come for you to transform. Nerves are settling and your mind is focusing on how best to introduce yourself to his parents. Quick change in the work cubicle.
If your work toilets are anything like mine you will want to spend the least time possible in there.
Swap your knit for a blazer which you will belt and accessorize with a scarf and envelope clutch. Because an all black look can sometimes look too serious add a splash of colour to your look with a pair of burgundy courts.
WHAT-TO-WHERE--INLAWS-NIGHT-LOOKMake sure you don’t overdo it on the make up and don’t spray too much perfume. Less is more!
Opt for a natural nail polish.
Leave the hair extensions at home and try and tie your hair off your face.
Last tip: Be yourself and remember if your Mr Right likes you so will his parents.
Good luck!
All items are available for sale on DailyLook.com

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