November 26, 2015

Say no to dried skin, chapped lips and flaky hands with our winter beauty cocoon routine.


Winter is fast approaching and that means one thing, we need to switch to the winter skincare routine. The weather outside might be frightful but that doesn’t mean your skin has to be. So just like the food we eat our beauty routine is going to have to change according to the season. No matter how resistant we think we are to the cold, our skin is going to need some extra TLC and that means good exfoliation and extra moisture are on the cards.

So to prevent you from spending the day at the beauty counter being told that every product is the answer to your problems we have taken on the mammoth task of figuring out the perfect winter cocooning beauty routine.  At this stage it is important for me to point out that this routine has been tested out by both of us to ensure you don’t come out with a skin rash.  It’s fair to say we have a certain responsibility and you finishing with a half burnt face is certainly not the aim.

So how do you get your skin through winter avoiding flaky skin and chapped lips? Follow our 3 PHASE winter beauty cocoon routine!



Phase 1 : HYDRATE 


Drink water and lots of it. If like me you find drinking water really boring and unappealing, swap water for tea. I recently just discovered an amazing natural defense tea which is not only super effective against colds, but also helps strengthen the immune system. What’s not to love? It so happens I also resolved another of my ongoing issues, which was how do you drink when you are out and about? Along with my natural defense tea I ordered this amazing Thermo Go bottle, which I can take anywhere. You can order the lovely Teatox Defense to Go set here! A small investment but worth every cent, just remember it’s all in the name of great skin.

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Phase 2 : EXFOLIATE 


According to Kate Somerville who happens to be one of the most sought of skin gurus, exfoliation is a must twice a week. Exfoliation is what is going to bring back the glow you all so love during the summer.  So using only ingredients we found lying at home, we created three easy to reproduce scrubs.


The Anti-Cellulite body scrub


– ¼ almond oil or coconut oil

– ½  cup golden sugar

– ½ cup coffee


Benefits: Anti-cellulite, Activates circulation, Firms & tightens skin


The Citrus punch body scrub 


– ¼ cup orange or lemon zest

– ½ cup caster sugar

– ¼ cup coconut oil

Benefits: Eliminates toxins, Softens epidermis , Optional: add orange or lemon essential oils to improve circulation



The Vanilla-Coconut face scrub 


– 1 tbs vanilla extract

– ¼cup white sugar

– ¼ brown sugar

– ½ cup coconut oil


 Benefits: Soft skin, anti oxidant, brightens the complexion, improves skin tone


Phase 3 : CLEAN 

Removing your make up, clean and tone.. A 3 step ritual we can’t live without but can often seem tedious particularly minutes before hitting the sack.  As a result we shorten the process or skip steps, we end up with a half clean face and the pores obstructed by impurities. The brand Clinique has revolutionised this chore thanks to it’s sonic system, composed of cleaning gel as well as a cleaning and purifying brush.  30 seconds under the shower is all it takes to eliminate impurities, pollution and sebum, not much much really for  healthy and clarified skin.



Moisturizing is a necessity in general, and you really shouldn’t go a day without hydrating your skin. Moisturizing will have a positive long lasting effect on your skin. Not only will it make it smoother, softer and fresher looking it will also prevent the aging process further down the line. With that in mind these are a top recommendations.

Moisturise your face with the Hydraphase mask by la Roche Posay it is the Holy grail of hydration masks.  Ideal for sensitive skins, this Hyaluronic Acid based mask helps retain water. Should be used once every ten days. For everyday use we recommend the Hydra Quench Cream-Gel by Clarins, it is the perfect everyday moisturiser.

To avoid chapped lips choose Nuxe Reve de Miel, it will leave you feeling soft and kissable again.

Treat flaky legs and arms with Vichy’s Ideal body, both smell and texture will win you over. This is the one product your partner will be happy for you to splash on.

Last but not least don’t forget the body part that does the most work, your hands! Keep them happy and healthy by applying Roger Gallet’s Hands & nails balm. They come in loads of lovely fragrances and are packaged in cute little tubes, which is super practical. You can easily leave it in the pocket of your coat at all times.


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Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon

Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon Winter Beauty cocoon

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